KICKSTART THIS: Stantt Shirts—Eliminating S/M/L, Because Baggy isn’t Sexy. Fit is.

The apparel industry has been forcing us into standardized sizes—S/M/L for decades. It was believed to be the easiest (and most profitable) way they could make clothes and sell on a mass scale. But with technology, the world is changing—with the help of entrepreneurs like Kirk and Matt from Stantt.

They say we shouldn't have to settle for the poor fit of small, medium and large just because that's the way the industry does things.

Using data and technology (they call it DataFit™ Technology) Eric and Matt are challenging the status quo and making it simpler for guys to get clothes they look and feel great in.

Stantt allows you to select from over 50 sizes created from 3D body scan data. You given them 3 measurements (your chest, waist and sleeve length), they match your real shape to one of the 50 sizes, then ship direct to you—image a shirt that fits you at your shoulders, your arms, your chest, and around your waist—without the cost an inconvenience of a tailor.

Better than baggy. Cheaper than tailored. Isn’t it time to eliminate S/M/L from your closet? Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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