KICKSTART THIS: The Handleband Bike Mount, Light Mount and Bottle Opener.

Here is our latest discovery in Kickstarter. The Handleband is a wonderfully designed new strap for your iPhone. Let’s face it, smartphones have become like a third hand, and always needed. When bicycling, your phone can be used as a light, a GPS device, a ride-tracker—even a video camera. But only if it is conveniently accessed. The Handleband wraps once around a bike's handlebars, then again around a smartphone to create a tremendously secure connection. It makes your phone accessible for checking text messages, calls, and turn-by-turn directions. It is made from high-strength silicone and reinforced with a 7075 Aluminum spline.

The Handleband was designed by Daniel Haarburger, an engineering student at the Stanford D-School. He’s designed numerous products, from backpacks to keyboards to refugee tents. The inspiration for the Handleband came when Haarburger was pulled over for biking after sunset with a faulty bike light. Instead of a ticket, the police officer gave him an interesting piece of advice: if you’re in a bind, use your smartphone as a bike light.

The Handleband to works with any smartphone, any case, and any bicycle. It can also be used with other devices, like flashlights and pumps, and can be mounted to other tubes - like your stem and seat post. 

Oh, and it's also a bottle opener.


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