Kickstart This: The Revolutionary Revolights Wheels Bicycle Lighting System.

It is time to Kickstart This. Check out the amazing invention of Revolights. There is so much to discover on Kickstarter—the world's largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects, and each week we comb through the latest campaigns and select one of our favorite projects. This week we uncovered Revolights Wheels.

The folks at Revolights crowd-funded a bike lighting solution that increased bicycle visibility and cyclist safety back in 2011. They reimaged bike lighting in a totally innovative, and disruptive way. 

The Revolights bike lighting system consists of two narrow rings of LEDs that enable 360 degree visibility to shared road traffic, while also illuminating the rider's forward path. When stationary, the lights flash in a simple sequence. But as soon as you start peddling they form a solid arc of white and red light. The patented design is nothing short of revolutionary.

The original design had the lighting system clipped on to existing wheels. But now they’ve partnered with San Francisco’s Mission Bicycle Company to permanently build the lights into the wheels. “Here at Revolights we believe that continual improvement is critical in our endeavor to change the way people view bike lights.”

Revolights Wheels create the same 360 degree visibility + forward projection as before, but require minimal installation. Just put the wheels on your bike, mount your magnets and ride.

They’ve already built a working prototype, and have begun testing. But they’re turning to the Kickstarter community to fund the items necessary for manufacturing and distribution. 

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