Kickstart This: The Slab Skate Watch Made from Upcycled Skateboards.

Shane Humphreys and his wife India started making wallets out of wood in his grandfather’s wood shop as a hobby. They discovered a wood stabilizing technique that would allow limited expansion and retraction. Demand was voracious, and they quickly ramped up production. 

Shane then turned his attention to experimenting with different materials of wood and different products. They’re using Kickstarter to launch “The Slab”—a water resistant motion-powered watch (no batteries) with bracelets made of either up-cycled, pressure treated skateboard wood or 100% stabilized wood. The team says that the nice thing about these watches is that they aren't "throw away" watches.  They are made to last a lifetime.  That is why they chose to use mechanical movements and stabilized wood.

The Slab Skate Watch is made from seven-ply, re-purposed skateboard wood.  They decided to make a skateboard watch because of its durability, flexibility and strength. It also gives the ability for endless color variations. The Skate Watch features a textured face, a glow in the dark dial and the same heirloom quality. The Slab watch has a Miyota 8215 automatic (mechanical) movement, making it the first automatic wood watch—powered by kinetic energy and requires no batteries. The watch runs for up to two days when not in use, but is also self-winding.  

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and consider being one of the first to own a motion-powered watch made of upcycled skateboards.

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