Leap Motion now Embedded into an HP ENVY Notebook.

Leap Motion is now embedding its technology into other devices. Leap Motion is the new way to interact with your devices. It allows you to “touchlessly” control your computers with natural hand and finger movements by tracking your movements with up to 1/100th millimeter accuracy and no visible latency.

And now, the HP ENVY Leap Motion Special Edition notebook PC is the first laptop embedded with the Leap Motion technology. Retail price is around $1,000.

“HP integrating Leap Motion’s technology so rapidly pushes the industry forward to offer users more innovative computing options,” said Michael Buckwald, co-founder and CEO of Leap Motion. “With our new micro sensor, there’s tremendous opportunity to integrate into other form factors like keyboards, smartphones, tablets, head-mounted displays and more. This is the next step for our company, with tremendous potential for the future.”

A few of the ways people can play, create and learn with the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition notebook include:

  • Hardcore gamers can use GameWAVE to control all of their favorite games, and casual gamers can enjoy a wide variety of Leap Motion-optimized games, including Blue Estate and Fruit Ninja.
  • Music lovers can mix their own iTunes music with Swoosh, and DJs and musicians love GecoMIDI, which lets them create music with the wave of a hand.
  • Kids and parents can learn and explore with apps like TVOKids Caterpillar Count for learning to count, Google Earth for interactive geography, and Molecules, which lets them manipulate complex 3D molecules.
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