Los Angeles Gets a Juicy ATM at Kreation

It’s what the world has been waiting for—an automated, around-the-clock, juice dispensary. To fill Angeleno’s thirst for cold-press juice 24/7, a company called Kreation has installed a “24 Fresh Pressed Juice” ATM at its stores. Day or night, opened or closed, you can grab satisfy your need for antioxidants and enzymes with a Greeen #2 and Greeen #3. Feel a cold coming on? Rush over to the ATM and get the Unity #12. Of course, this is simply a way of distinguishing Kreation from the dozens, and dozens, and dozens of juice bars cropping up all over L.A., but we like how they roll dispense.

And, should you want a cupcake at 2am, you can head up the street to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM for a little automated sweetness. 

Source: Eater LA  and CBS Los Angeles 


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