Luxe Food Truck: El Sur’s Argentinean Empanada Mobile Began Life as a 1970 Citroen H-Van.

We are huge fans of the Food Truck craze. One of our favorites is the El Sur food truck in San Francisco.

El Sur’s specialty is empanadas, made with an Argentinian and Peruvian flair by classically trained chef and owner Marianne Despres. Marianne says she wants to preserve the way empanadas are made in the sleepy towns across rural Argentina, where everything comes from the same land where it is eaten.

But it is not just the food that makes the El Sur food truck so special—it is the truck itself. You see, El Sur travels around the city in a fully restored vintage 1970 Citroen H-Van and delivers its artisanal empanadas straight from the van’s stainless steel kitchen.

The character of the Citroen is as cultured as Marianne’s cooking. While H-Vans have been commonly used as catering and delivery vehicles in Europe, Citroen has a long history in Argentina, where they have been manufactured for over 50 years.

The El Sur van started life in Auxerre, France, where it was used as a market van selling vintage clothing at farmers markets all over the Burgundy region. It was shipped to New Jersey where it was fully restored by EuroCar Imports.

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Image source: Eater SF

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