Manhattan Time Service and The Art of Watch Repair

When one buys a luxury watch from the likes of Breitling, TAG Heuer, IWC or Baume et Mercier then it truly is an investment. These painstakingly crafted horological masterpieces are supremely intricate with mechanisms that serve as the beating heart to these wonderful watches. Needless to say, when one spends four or even five figures on a luxury watch, you anticipate that it will last a lifetime without any problems and, whilst this is the case with many high-end timepieces, there is no accounting for accidents or mishaps and said incidents can lead to having a damaged luxury watch. And there are few sadder sights than a breath taking timepiece with a cracked screen or not working exactly as it should.

It is for this reason then that we need guardian angels for our timepieces and, for those in New York with a damaged high-end watch, the first port of call is invariably that of Manhattan Time Service, a family-run watch repair specialists who have been returning damaged watches to their former glory for years. And, if there's one place where there are plenty of luxury watches, it's New York. Whilst there is no denying that the watches from the world's leading Swiss watchmakers truly are works of art, there is also poetry to be found in the repairing of these timepieces when they begin to show their age or are in requirement of a tune-up.  

It is rare to find a watch repair specialist that is so dedicated to providing a new lease of life to scratched, broken or shattered watches but it is a life passion of the father / son team at Manhattan Time Service and there is unlikely to have been a type of luxury timepiece they haven't encountered since their store, just off 5th Avenue, opened back in 1978. It takes a certain type of dedication to return something to a former glory and, quite frankly, there is no better place to go for a watch repair in New York. You can see how this family-run watch repair specialists operate in the video below:

Luxury watches obtain their high-end reputation because of how intricately put together they are so, if they should become damaged, they need a specialist to return them to new and thousands of Manhattan locals have witnessed this first hand over the last 30 years when Manhattan Time Service have carefully remedied issues of almost every type of luxury watch under the sun - from Audemars Piguet to Zenith.

For anyone who owns a Rolex, Omega or Panerai, they will be only too aware of just how cherished a possession they are and most men will buy a timepiece of this nature to pass on to future generations of their family. So, when the time comes for a repair, they will invariably want to pass it over to someone they can trust with a proven name in watch repair. Manhattan Time Service are a bastion of the New York repair scene and thousands of watches have come under their purview and expert care over the last three decades and satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can find out more at Manhattan Time Service.

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