Method Examines the Future of Money

Method, Inc. has launched an exploratory research project on the future of money using an insights-led approach to speculative design based on the concept that money is pervasive and integral to the majority of our experiences.

Recent changes in the financial landscape – from mobile payments to peer-to-peer lending and the rise of local and crypto currencies – mean that now is the time to take a critical perspective on the future of money and the interactions that we will have with it. The project used trend analysis and ethnographic research to inspire future scenarios based on three questions:

If finances were public, would you change?

If money were smart, would it have personality?

If behavior is hormonal, should financial services monitor the body?

Method ultimately sought to bring the future into the present and create social experiments in which possible futures could be lived and experienced to stimulate critical discussion.

Read more about the Method Money project here.

Method is a company that creates brand experiences across many mediums to help businesses harness the competitive advantage of design.

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