Modern Industry: The Dudes who are Modernizing the Hoodie

The folks at Modern Industry say they have a diehard DIY ethos. They’re a group of friends who enjoy putting their creative ideas and energy into making handmade products, marketing them and selling them direct to consumers.

As they say, “we can build something that's uncompromised and free of fluff, while still having fun.”

The team makes all sorts of bags, shirts and accessories, but recently they set about designing and producing the ultimate hoodies. Because as the Modern Industry team says, “We love hoodies. Unfortunately, most of them suck.”

They looked around and saw that despite the fact that so many of us “live” in our hoodies, most are made of low quality fabric, fit poorly, and fall apart due to shortcuts taken during the manufacturing process. 

Modern Industry wanted a hoodie that makes you look great, lasts forever, and feels amazing..

The great-fitting Modern Industry Apex Hoodie Is Made of Nature’s Ultimate Fiber. It’s made of incredibly soft machine-washable merino wool that’s naturally odor resistant and pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you dry. They’ve also chosen to use an incredibly strong, but flexible stitching technique that allows the seams to move with you (and the fabric), instead of tearing like traditional hoodies.

The Apex Hoodie is made In San Francisco—a city in-love with hoodies (they’re standard office uniform here), and a rich history of building the best technical apparel in the world (home to the original Levi’s jeans). Modern Industry hopes to revitalize the local manufacturing community and bring much needed middle class jobs back to the city. And by selling their hoodie direct, they can offer a Merino wool hoodie at an amazingly low price of $95.

The Modern Industry dudes want to take functional design to the outer limits, which in many cases is about making products less complex and more simple. “We constantly strive to combine the mature nature of ethical heirloom products with the progressive optimism of youth,” as they say, “In a world where we're constantly complicating our lives with the details of technology, it just makes sense that certain things should remain simple. Being free of overly designed bells and whistles, we're able to focus on delivering style and durability at a competitive price when compared to our contemporaries.”

Check out Modern Industry at their website, and the Apex Hoodie on Kickstarter. 



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