MoviePass: Get The Theater Experience Every Day Of The Month

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Netflix showed the world that a subscription based model of media distribution was not only a viable business but it fanned the flame that Napster had started in the publics mind years earlier; we want our content when we want it.

Hot on the heels of every other subscription service (beef jerky of the month anyone?) comes a pretty badass model, MoviePass. For somewhere between $25-$35 a month depending on your location, you can see one 2D film per day in theaters all month long. Yep, that’s right. Cinephiles rejoice!

Originally launched in 2011 and met with industry pushback, especially on the part of AMC, MoviePass has since relaunched this year and is currently an invite only club, so go find someone who’s actually somebody and hop on the bandwagon.  Here’s how it works; here in San Francisco I pay $30 a month and in return I get a fancy red card that works much like a Discover card. I use MoviePass’ app, currently for iPhone and soon to be Android, to check-in to the theatre and choose which film I’d like to see, which activates that fancy red card for exactly 30 minutes so I can go purchase my ticket to see The Hobbit or The latest Twilight Saga, hopefully the former.

Sound too good to be true? One tiny little catch is that it’s a yearlong subscription and cancellation fees can get a little pricey, but if you’re a movie buff like myself this could be the subscription service of all subscription services. Think about it, at $10 per ticket, if I see 4 films a month then that 4th film is free, and I can see one film a day if I wanted to! Sure, there’s bound to be times of the year when Hollywood is pumping feces into theaters but in all honesty I’m much more likely to go see shit films if I have a user friendly service encouraging me to go and get that theater experience.  Not to mention the benefit theaters stand to gain; MoviePass reported in their beta testing that concession purchases increased 123%, so eat your heart out AMC, and get with the program.

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