Passionate and Professional: Our Top 10 Creative Pros.

We love meeting creative professionals—IDEA PEOPLE, we call them, who take their passions and turn them into professions. We’ve profiled musicians, designers, architects and costume designers—all in our PRO-PORTRAIT series. 

In fact we’ve profiled so many creative professionals in just the last few weeks, we thought we should list them for you in one place so you can make sure you didn’t miss: the baker, or the sommelier; the ballet dancer, the fashion designer, the graffiti artist or the documentary filmmaker. Each profile tells the story of an amazing artist—who lives their life with passion, joy, and creative inspiration. We hope they inspire you to live your creative dream.

1). The Meaningful Life of Painter and Baker Dan Berkeland.

Dan leads his life with a firmly held notion that there are an infinite number of ways to lead a meaningful life. 

2). New York City Restaurateur Joe Campanale.

Being a partner in a top New York City restaurant is something many people dream of achieving. But Joe isn’t just the partner in one New York City restaurant—he’s the founding partner of four of Manhattan’s top fine dining restaurants—an achievement he made before the age of 30.

3). 19 year-old Photographer Nicholas Scarpinato.

He may only be a sophomore in college, but Nicholas is defining his life and professional goals based on his passions.

4). Ballet Dancer Garen Scribner is Driven by Work Ethic, Accomplishment and Exhaustion.

Garen is a Soloist with the San Francisco Ballet—one of the top companies in the world, where movement as dance fills the souls of the artists, and the audience. As a true creative professional, Garen uses dance as his art, his passion, and his career. 

5). Gusto is an Artist of Many Hats.

Gusto uses different types of media to get his message out. He’s an Art Director, Photographer, Interactive Designer, Producer, Blogger, Graffiti Writer and Artist.

6). Cleveland Motley is the maker of goods…Motley Goods.

Cleveland may have a background in sculpture and mechanical engineering, but he’s crafted a bag and backpack manufacturing company based in the Mission district of San Francisco, called Motley Goods. He’s an idea guy, and a maker of things.

7). Ben Zank and His Bicycle.

Ben is in his last semester of college. And, while the 21 year-old is majoring in journalism, he clearly has a passion for photography. “Honestly, I don't really think I'll be getting a job in that department (journalism)…I just want to keep shooting!”

8). Filmmaker Patrick Biesemans Captures Life’s Fleeting Moments.

Patrick is a New York City filmmaker whose childhood set in motion his life’s desire— to try and capture small moments in life.  

9). Photographer Cameron MacPhail on Balancing Business and Art.

Cameron is an emerging editorial and fine art photographer born in New York, raised on a horse farm in Ohio, and driven by a passion for observation and storytelling.

10). Joseph D.R. OLeary and Of Beards and Men: A Visual Record of Masculinity and Self-Expression.

Joe is a Photographer and Designer who lives and works on a hobby farm outside of Minneapolis. He restored and converted the farm granary into a studio where he does art/portrait of men, with beards.

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