Practicing your inner voice.

Guest author and entrepreneur Valerie Grison is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company creating exciting, engaging online & mobile experiences for kids age 7-14.

Sometimes, often in our life, we feel the urge to act or to go in one direction rather than an other. Business. Personal.

Sometimes, often for some of us, we can't completely explain how we decide something. If you try to make reason of it, it will be a weak one. If you try to explain to others, they look at you with an almost not hidden smirk

Your inner voice is guiding you. 

That's a gift we'll be given. But following it, dedicating your strengths, completely, partially or not will become like playing an instrument. You need practice. Again and again.

The more you listen to it, the more you will become an expert at playing it.

Eventually, you might become a virtuoso.


Your inner voice has nuances.

Your urges have nuances. They are not always easy to recognize.

A piece of advice: Even if you strongly feel one urge, give yourself some time. Give your brain some time to be able to decide at a lower emotion level.


Do your homework.

Go and talk to your friends, your network, at least Google.

There is one test I love when I am really hesitating. When my mind is struggling with "Do I really want that or not?"—it is the Heads and Tails game.

I choose head for Yes, and tail for No. Try it! Launch the coin, and then see your reaction about the chance decision.

Happy, you're good - follow the fate

No emotion, follow.

Upset, DON'T FOLLOW. Your inner voice says no.

The trick though is to know the difference between Intuition and Whim. That's why practicing is key. By failing, by making sometime the wrong decision, you learn to recognize "the nuances" and know yourself better. The good news about this is the older you get, the better you are...

Sometimes, despite warnings, or controversy, you will follow that urge. You just feel that you need to give it a chance.

I will quote Warren Buffet: "It is not a risk, if you know what you are doing and really know the risks".

As an entrepreneur, adept of the lean start-up, it's a gift I use a lot. It saves me a lot of hesitation, discussions, therefore time. I often feel that my subconscious know better that my conscious where to go.

In my personal life, It draws my path.

But there is a flip side, so I am trying to never forget I can be wrong and get ready for it...

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