Pre-Fab Hotel Pods at Spain’s Aire de Bardenas.

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling in my life. According to my passport I’ve been to 30-some-odd countries on 4 continents, and the folks at United and Delta say I’ve logged over 1 million miles. So logic will tell you that I’ve spent my fair share of nights in hotel rooms—from the Ritz in Paris to many a Hampton Inn; and even a Yurt in Big Sur.

After all this travel, there is one thing I know is that a hotel room, for me, has become simply a place to sleep, shower, and to store one’s luggage. It needs to be clean, safe, and comfortable. And, located close to where I want to spend my time in the city I am visiting. After my hundreds of nights in hotel rooms, few will impress me. The best they can do is provide me with comfort and convenience.

Given my requirements, I love the trend towards hotel pods—stand-alone rooms that supply all the necessities in small quarters. Bigger (and more private) than the sleeping capsules made popular in Japanese culture, pods are simply cleverly designed, functional spaces. Some pods have been designed out of old shipping containers, or other recycled structures, other pods have been build from the ground up.

The Aire de Bardenas, set in wheat fields, at the edge of a desert in the northern Spanish province of Navarre, is a wonderful example of pre-fab hotel pods at their finest.

The pods have a modern design, with simple contemporary furnishings. They’re designed around the windows which capture the surrounding views—which if you’re in Navarre it is why you have come here in the first place. The pods come complete with mini-mattresses and lounge pillows.

The folks at Tablet Hotels say Aire de Bardenas is possibly the best hotel in the world for getting a bit of reading done. “And of course there’s a little more than that: a restaurant serves typically inventive cuisine, heavy on local vegetables, and the surroundings are stunning, if unconventionally so, from the carved formations of the Bardenas Reales National Park to the dark subterranean charms of the region’s many wineries.”

Doesn’t it sound like the perfect spot?

The folks at Tablet have the full skinny on Aire de Bardenas, and have recently written an article on seven other exceptional pod hotels around the world in an article title Hotel in a Box.

Images via Tablet Hotels


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