PRO-PORTRAIT: Gusto is an Artist of Many Hats.

Gusto uses different types of media to get his message out. He’s an Art Director, Photographer, Interactive Designer, Producer, Blogger, Graffiti Writer and Artist.

Born and raised in New York City, Gusto says he had a typical Hispanic childhood, “raised by a single mother that worked way too much in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.” He went to the famous LaGuardia Performing Arts School and grew up in the mecca of HipHop during the 90s, “I was surrounded by graffiti writers, break dancers, MCs, and DJs, which helped mold me and my outlook on art and life.”

One of Gusto’s many hats is that of a graffiti writer, with his work being published in a couple of books and countless magazines. 

He is also a photographer, shooting the likes of A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Psy, Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj, 2Chainz, the cast of Jersey Shore and countless others. 

He’s a web content creator, producer, blogger (,, brand consultant and the creator of Facts and Chicks

And, his most recent project is working on a street wear brand called GRNEWYORK.

His current and perhaps most corporate job is as an interactive designer for MTV. Gusto has art directed and designed for the MTV Movie Awards and VMAs.

And despite all of these artistic hats, he never considered art as a career as he was growing up. But like many creative professionals, he turned his interests and passions into a career. “I used to hang out with some of the biggest club promoters in NY and they'd always bug me to do some of their flyers, so I taught myself Photoshop and ended up freelancing for some of NYCs dopest clubs like CopaCabana, Avalon, Pacha, Kiss and Fly, Pink Elephant, and X-Bar to name a few. I had a mutual acquaintance that worked at MTV and swung by for a quick lunch/meet-and-greet and after they saw my work I was hired on the spot, been here ever since.”

Gusto is clearly motivated as an artist, and is driven by the many hats that he wears. “Running into people that give me dap for my work always builds me up and amps me up to do more.”

As an artist, Gusto sees just being able to make a living out of something he enjoys as a blessing. It is clear that he has discovered his talent through his passion. “My passion always comes from discovery, seeing what I can learn and do that's new, different... trying to intertwine real life experiences with the web thru image and video and trying to push boundaries with new ideas.”

Gusto is an Artist of Many Hats.

Check out Gusto’s dog too. and follow Gusto on Instagram/Twitter: @GustoNYC

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