ReVITALize Toothbrush Coalition Heads to Burning Man

By recycling a fraction of the one billion toothbrushes that make it into landfills every year and turning personal-care waste into art, the ReVITALize Toothbrush Coalition hopes to educate youth on the massive consumption of plastic while showcasing alternative ways to dispose of it. They hope to have kids join the fight for planet preservation, starting with their toothbrushes.

Visionary social engineers Scott London and Jon Rifkind demonstrate the principle "leave no trace” with their art and education program designed to engage school children aged 6-12 across the country with an innovative recycling program. With less than a quarter of the two hundred million tons of trash Americans produce annually being recycled, the duo insists recycling is as vital as brushing. The two founders are committed to igniting children’s understanding of the importance of working together while instilling in them an understanding of how a small contribution can create an enormous difference.

To date, more than seven thousand toothbrushes collected have become building blocks to a massive thirteen-foot installation, which to be unveiled on August 26th at the 2013 Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The annual event draws nearly 70,000 people to the art event and temporary community that focuses heavily on personal expression, creativity, and environmental awareness.

The physical installation and interaction with the illuminated globe will be documented and sent to all participating schools with the hope it will vividly impress upon the children a sense of responsibility, ownership, and awareness.

To further incentivize, schools the program provides .02 cents for every piece of plastic the schools collect. In addition ReVITALize will be giving away a $5,000 grant to one participating school.The costs of the program will be subsidized through a crowd funding campaign hosted by IndieGoGo.

Toothbrush image courtesy of Shutterstock

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