Rugged Materials designs bags to withstand the test of time.

Certain things only improve with the passing of time. A whiskey’s flavor deepens as it ages in charred oak barrels, a cast iron pot soaks in the flavors of each dish cooked in it, a plump red tomato spends its sweet time ripening on the vine. Tyler Condie, founder of Rugged Material will be the first to tell you, “…newer isn’t always better.”

It’s a lesson Tyler learned over time growing up in Cedar City Utah, and now brings to his business in the very same city. Rugged Materials produces high quality leather and waxed canvas goods, designed to last, and made in the U.S.A.

Inspired by his father’s still fully functional horse saddle from 1902, Tyler came to realize that quality over quantity is more than just an expression, it’s a value held by many people just like himself. “Our customers are people who go for quality and not quantity. They love us for our Lifetime Guarantee and our commitment to make more jobs for Americans.”

Quality products, made in the U.S. don't usually come cheap. It’s a problem Tyler ran into himself in his early days of his leather making business. “Unable to afford six hundred dollar plus bags that were made well enough to last like my dad's saddle I decided to push myself to make my own. From then on I've been busy designing, testing and producing my own line of leather and waxed canvas gear.”

Rugged Material continues to stay committed to bringing quality without sacrificing high cost. The latest line of bags is to be sold at wholesale, directly to the customer in order to eliminate the cost of retail markup.   

You can checkout Rugged Material’s campaign on Kickstarter now, and more about Tyler on his website. If you’re the type that enjoys an aged whiskey, a thick book, and things that only get better with time, you may just enjoy Rugged Materials’ timeless bags.

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