Seth Godin and 62 Best Selling Authors Pull Together to “End Malaria.”

The new book, End Malaria, was born out of a passion to save lives, and was written by more than sixty best selling business authors and social thought leaders who joined together to share information in a book whose entire profits go to buy malaria bed nets. The authors of the book donated their skill and expertise to write a positive book focused their experiences about the key drivers to live a life of meaning and impact.  

In addition to donating profits, the folks behind End Malaria hope that one of the 60+ contributors might share a gem or spark an idea amongst the readers. The book is a collection of essays from 62 business and social thought leaders about the key drivers to live a life of meaning and impact. Contributors to the book include David Allen, Tom Peters and Keith Ferrazzi; TED speakers Brene Brown and Sir Ken Robinson; New York Times' best-sellers Jonah Lehrer, Gary Vaynerchuk and Dan Pink; Daymond John and Dave Ramsey; and leaders from organizations such as Google and GlaxoSmithKline.

"This is the power of authors working together, the power of ebook distribution and most of all, the power of people who care to make a difference,” says Seth Godin--marketing and publishing innovator and creator of “Over and over, we're seeing that a new generation cares about business not just as a way to make money, but as a way to make a difference. These authors (and their readers) are making a difference at the same time they're saving lives." 

Every penny spent on the Kindle edition goes to Malaria No More, giving them enough money to buy one or two bed nets and to deliver them and be sure they're used properly. Low overhead, no graft, no waste. Just effectiveness. None of the authors or anyone at the Domino Project receive money to be part of this project.  

End Malaria Day is April 25. Get inspired and help put an end to Malaria. Twitter #EndMalariaDay and Facebook

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