The Five-Gest: What You Shouldn’t Have Missed.

1) eBooks: As Things Become Easier To Produce, Shouldn’t The Cost Naturally Reduce?

What’s keeping the cost of eBooks so high? What happened to all of your local, neighborhood book stores? And more importantly, how long will it be before authors begin to digitally distribute their own works of fiction, unthrottled by the likes of big publishing companies? Check out what Rocky has to say about shopping for eBooks.

2) Five Films About Powerful Innovators

From Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs, to Daniel Painview and Jaque Fresco, take a look at some of the brightest and forward thinking minds shown in cinema today.

3) Aaron Schwartz, And Govt. Bullying Done In Our Name

The death of activist and Reddit founder, Aaron Schwartz shocked the Internet last week and should encourage quite a sobering look at our country’s all too often, overly harsh Ferderal justice system.

4) Twins Project By Photographer Julie de Waroquis. The Same, But Different

Have you ever looked deep into a mirror at yourself and felt a little mesmerized, even like you were in a dream? Photographer Julie de Waroquis explores the ethereal and dreamlike being of twins and triplets in this photo series.

5) Real Men Can’t Grow Beards

Columnist Nick Baber explores the effects and repercussions that develop in men due to the social stigmas about personal appearance and masculinity in today’s mainstream society. 

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