THE FIVE-SCOOP: Checking in under “Mr & Mrs Smith”

Mr & Mrs Smith is focused on being a trusted resource in finding romantic escapes. They are boutique and luxury hotel booking specialists—curating and recommending hotels around the globe. The name is a romanticized wink to couples who fancy checking into a fabulous hotel under this classic naughty-weekend pseudonym.

Like many who start a company, co-founders James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy (Mr & Mrs Smith if you will) saw a personal need in their own lives, and envisioned a better way of finding the perfect weekend escape. They knew there were some wonderful places to stay out there – provided you knew where to find them. They found seeking out stylish hotels that are at the top of their game was no easy task. 

James tells their start-up tale best, “early on in our relationship, I was basically doing my best to impress Tamara (my ‘Mrs Smith’, and the co-founder of our business) by organising a romantic weekend away. We arrived at an allegedly luxurious hotel in the Lake District, but when we got there, the room was nothing like it appeared in the guidebook. The service was fussy, there was no food available after 9pm and there was an old-fashioned trouser press in the room. It was definitely not romance-inducing.”

They discovered that there were few to no resources they could trust to give advice on the most beautiful and stylish places to stay. This was about ten years ago, at the time when small boutique hotels and getaways were emerging in the UK. Babington House and  Soho House being sone of the first. James and Tamara tapped into the new hotel trend that was just taking off. They were determined to find the best and most unique hotels and to create their own independent collection.

Mr & Mrs Smith hold tight to the mission of being a trusted resource for travellers. They’re a mixture of curation and recommendation wrapped up neatly in some sparkling irreverent content. Every boutique hotel has been visited by a Mr & Mrs Smith team member before being reviewed anonymously a couple, and each reviewer tells their own evocative first-person tale. “We don't cut corners and we genuinely care about everything we market to our customers, and always try to give the best possible service and deliver information with the highest production values. It sounds cliché, but everyone here is passionate about making the brand and service the best it can be,” says James.

Mr & Mrs Smith’s guidebooks allow online tours of best-in-class, stylish and unique hotels in destinations all around the world. They’re a resource of the inside track on the best room or suite to ask for, where to head for the tastiest lunch, and they’ll “signpost you to the best beaches and picnic spots.” As they say, “Whether you're looking for a quirky city boutique hotel, a stylish country guesthouse or a luxury spa hotel, we have selections to suit all budgets and moods.”

And soon, they’ll be expanding. They plan to launch a new Smith & Family site to find stylish, fun, well-located properties for themselves and their children. The site will start in the UK (where Mr. & Mrs. Smith is based) and then expand to the United States and Asia-Pacific regions. “After almost a decade of organising weekends away for the romantics out there, we now find that our fans have lots of kids in tow, but they have a new dilemma on their hands... where.”

It seems Mr & Mrs Smith has all the answers to that perfect getaway.

Hotel Keppler, France

 Coqui Coqui Tulum, Mexico

Babington House Hotel, UK 

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