THE FIVE SCOOP: “DAPPR” is figuring out what guys want, and bringing it to them in a really cool way.

Men’s lifestyle products—from neckties and oxfords; to boutique liquor brands and shaving products; have seen an amazing renaissance over the last few years. Men’s interest (and social acceptance) in looking good, and feeling good has come “out of the closet” over the last decade. 

Scores of products targeting men are being launched as boutique brands. For brands, the challenge is getting people aware of their products without spending tons of marketing dollars to reach them. For men, it is about finding awesome products amongst a lot of clutter.

So, how do brands and consumers connect? Is there anyone out there who can sift through the noise and find the really awesome stuff, and make guys aware of it?

Taylor Llewellyn and John Solomon are building a marketplace subscription business for guys, curating a landscape of men’s products, and bringing them right to consumer’s doorsteps.

It’s called DAPPR.

Currently in private beta, DAPPR is for men in their twenties and thirties who are looking to discover awesome products from around the world that they can wear and use every day. Their on a mission to deliver authentic, stylish, and unique products to every single man in the world's doorstep.


The subscription works this way, for $39 per month, customers receive a curated theme of products each month with a retail value of more than $80--from Cuban cigars to stylish Oxfords to classic Wayfarers.

“We want to be about lifestyle products for men. One month we might end up partnering with a really cool cigar brand, the next month might be really cool shaving products for guys, the next month it might be a really cool necktie or an oxford,” says Taylor.

It is an ideal fit for both the niche brand—who gets exposure to an audience tailor-made for their products; and for men who don’t have the time to sift through a dearth of products. DAPPR provides discovery and accessibility to both brands, and consumers.


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