The Five Scoop: Get Smitten.

If you love ice cream, or at least think you do, there’s a small shipping container in Hayes Valley that will make you smitten. And they’re not serving up your typical corn syrup and preservative laced “dairy dessert” either. 

Smitten Ice Cream is winning hearts and taste buds over with their rich and creamy treat, made from fresh and natural ingredients, by the batch, right in front of you. It’s amazing. And delicious.

Care for some strawberry white balsamic? Or perhaps you’re more inclined to try the Earl Grey with chocolate chips or blood orange with pistachios. Yeah, deliciously decadent, just...go try some.

The creamery is brought to us by Robyn Sue Goldman, who in 2007 while researching the production methods used to make ice cream, was appalled and disenchanted to discover that some manufacturers used as little as 2% of dairy ingredients for their mass produced frozen dessert, all the while being jam packed with preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers and other unnatural ingredients that big name companies need in order to maintain a shelf life of God knows how long.

So Robyn spent the majority of the recession researching and developing the perfect ice cream maker using all fresh and pure, natural ingredients as well as...liquid nitrogen. 

Meet Kelvin; Smitten’s wonder machine with a double helix shaped wand that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze milk and cream so fast that they don’t have time to form ice crystals. That, my friend, makes for some absurdly creamy ice cream. Actually, calling it absurdly creamy doesn’t do it justice; you’ve got to try some for yourself.

Before setting up shop in Hayes Valley, Robyn tricked out a Radio Flyer wagon with her first Kelvin prototype, complete with a four hour battery pack and a single flavor to introduce San Francisco’s populace to her new treat; typically using Twitter and Facebook to announce her presence at City parks. 

Smitten is currently looking for garages and other cool spaces for their next shops and has plans to open the second creamery in the South Bay this May. And hey, if your special someone popped the question on Valentine’s Day, why not have Smitten cater dessert for your summer wedding? Trust me, it’s unlike anything you’ve had before.

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