THE FIVE-SCOOP: Snapstagram for Instagram—bringing the digital to the physical.

Snapstagram allows you to create high-quality prints from the photos you take using Instagram on your Android or IOS phone. It is that simple. 

Just prints.

Imagine the 80 million+ users of Instagram who take dozens and dozens of photos (if not hundreds and hundreds) only to have them locked away in their digital world. Really, think about it. How would you print your Instagram photos? There’s no easy way to do it. Until Snapstagram. They take digital-to-the-physical by making high-quality 4 x 4 prints and delivering them to your door.

The printed 4 x 4 photos (in “rolls” of 12) are a bit like trading cards, or Polaroid prints—easily passed around and shared. And the best part of each printed photo—it is an expression of your own creativity. That’s the magic of self-expression start-ups like Snapstagram.

The company’s motto is "Just Prints," and demonstrates their dedication to the simplicity of their vision of being simple, elegant, and retro. “Square Photos for Unsquare People”they say. No gimmicks. —not unlike the simplicity of Instagram.

Snapstagram costs $6.00 for a “roll” of 12 prints. No upload costs or shipping fees. Just login to your Instagram account via the Snapstagram website and view all of your photos online. Pick your favorites, pay the six bucks, and wait for the stylish, Apple-esque package to arrive.


The company was started by Jared Gibbons. “I have a passion for creating things,” says Jared. “Snapstagram came about when I realized one day that there was no truly simple way to print Instagram photos. Since the release of the app I have printed my IG photos but it was a long and tedious process. Too much loading of images, cropping them in photoshop, and then cutting them. This needed to be easier. And it needed to be fun. So we decided to make something that solved this problem. We began working on the idea, launched a Kickstarter with an initial goal of $3,000 and in 30 days raised over $14,000. It was very exciting.”

Currently, the company has no plans to enable you to create mugs, stickers, t-shirts, magnets, or any of the host of products many printing companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly offer. Nope, “Just Prints.”

“We focus a lot on simplicity and being transparent,” says Jared. “The easier online purchasing can be, the better. We are working on things right now that are going to make ordering instagram products even easier.”

Snapstagram is currently sending photos all over the world. Jared and his team love the fact that they’re putting smiles on faces around the globe. 

So what’s next for Snapstagram? “We are working on some very exciting things including new products as well as developing the most innovative and fun way to order Instagram prints ever created,” says Jarrod. “We are extremely excited about some of things that we have set to launch in the up and coming months.”

Snapstagram prints are facilitating self-expression and making people smile. How simple (and brilliant) is that?

Jared Gibbons

Snapstagram from Snapstagram on Vimeo.

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