THE FIVE-SCOOP: TastemakerX is the taste graph for music fans

Imagine fantasy football for music. You knew it was coming, the gamifiction of music. TastemakerX is a social mobile platform focused on developing a new targeted “taste graph”—the latest meme.

Who doesn’t like to take credit for “finding” the “undiscovered” band that everyone will soon be listening to? Now you can “take credit” on TastemakerX. 

THE FIVE had the opportunity to hear and test-drive TastemakerX at the Federated Media Signal SF conference, this morning in San Francisco, and get access to the private beta. Yes, the product is still in restricted beta, but you can still sign-up for an invitation to try it out, and be one of the first to find this undiscovered gem.

The app allows users to build a portfolio of music, then trade, share, discover and recommend using a point-based credit system.

"What music fan doesn't derive joy from uncovering the next big thing and then sharing it with friends," said Marc Ruxin, CEO and co-founder of TastemakerX.

"Unlike the broad social platforms or search engines, TastemakerX takes a vertical approach to the surfacing of trends tuned to your individual tastes. It was built as a game, like fantasy sports for culture, with an influence component and a social feed to broadcast passions across your entire social footprint. There is almost nothing more satisfying than turning people on to powerful new music and then sharing this enthusiasm with the artists directly."

Go ahead, get credit where credit is due, and claim credit for the early discovery of the next emerging artist.

The TastemakerX Music App is available for free on iTunes. 

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