THE FIVE SCOOP: The Rocky Mountain Shaving Co: Men’s Grooming Tools Handmade with a Vintage Style and Modern Technology

Striving to keep the forgotten style of the gentleman alive, Jake McCaig has started the The Rocky Mountain Shaving Co. Talk about the art of manliness! 

Known for his Rollie Fingers-esque handlebar mustache, and his skill at woodworking, Jake has combined his style and talents to create razors, shaving brushes, moustache wax, soap, oils and aftershaves. Yes, everything sold on the Rocky Mountain Shaving Co. site is either entirely handcrafted by Jake, or uses components handcrafted by Jake and his work partner Patrick, or a combo of both of them.

In fact, Jake is pretty much running the whole operation himself. So expect quite a personal touch in everything you experience at the Rocky Mountain Shaving Co.

This is the heart of entrepreneurship: bootstrapping a business based on a passion to share his interests and talents to a broader audience, and a focus and drive to succeed. You see, Jake’s a 24-year old paramedic for the city and county of Denver, CO.  He started Rocky Mountain Shaving Co. in his spare time, on his own dime. That is how much he cares about this.

And, of course he’s tapped into a massive trend in male grooming. Men want to look good, but feel manly at the same time.

The Rocky Mountain Shaving Co. launched just last month for one simple reason. Jake found it hard to find and support small businesses that catered to his personal taste in grooming products. “Sure anyone can head to Wal-Marx *ahem* Mart, or a corner chain drug store and pick up a cheap block of shave soap and a cruddy shaving brush, simply to have a poor experience and wonder why they are even putting forth the extra effort. I wanted to bring to the world vintage style with modern technology.”  


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