THE FIVE SCOOP: Threadflip is for when your fashion favorites are better served spicing up someone else’s closet.

Let’s face it, too many closets are packed with barely or never-worn items—some with tags still on. Threadflip provides a simple and streamlined way to discover, buy and sell fashion online. Shoppers enjoy access to style inspiration and fashionable closets featuring designer apparel—from Paul Smith to Prada; vintage to Vuitton; and everything in between at a fraction of the original price. Sellers get to easily recoup some of their investment, and the chance to make room in their closet for their latest fashion obsession. The company launched this past April.

“Threadflip was inspired by a pricey (but excruciating) pair of boots owned by my wife,” says CEO Manik Singh, “They were the boots she always put on but never left the house in. (Apparently this is a widespread phenomenon.) Over time, I realized that the boots represented just a fraction of the unworn pieces in her closet and, for that matter, most women’s closets.  It’s irrational to hold on to pricey items you know you’ll never wear, letting all that fashion value go to waste so, an idea was born.”

With a few clicks, users can upload images of pieces straight from their closets and sell clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry, creating a vast marketplace of thousands of new pieces every day. And if you are too busy to upload and sell on your own, the company has a White Glove Service, offering an end-to-end solution, allowing women to send in their clothing and Threadflip takes care of the rest.

The idea of re-sale fashion, as a benefit to both buyer and seller has existed for a long time at your local consignment shop, and at various places around the web, but the company says their Threadflip's never-have-to-set-foot-outside-the-door shipping, web + mobile options and White Glove Service, they've removed the barriers to buying and selling online, “making it simple to hit the refresh button on your wardrobe.”

Because we leverage data from the community into virtually every area of our operations, we’re able to offer a great user experience, engendering tremendous loyalty and, ultimately, key competitive efficiencies.

The company, who raised $1.6 million in venture funding this past April, recently launched an iPhone app to enable anywhere, anytime shopping and provide a super simple way to create stylish, sophisticated images for your Threadflip closet. Threadflip’s iPhone app offers users the flexibility of browsing, buying and selling from their iPhone.  The app includes photo filters, social sharing features, across Facebook and Twitter, easy item uploading and flexible search.   Open the app and snap a photo of something that's been languishing in your overstuffed closet and list it instantly.  “Threadflip photo filters make it easy to play creative director and transform photos into compelling images that reflect your personal style and enhance listings.” says CEO Manik Singh. Seamless mobile integration of your shopping cart, favorites and purchase history, coupled with on-the-go closet management make the Threadflip app a streamlined, high-utility extension of the online Threadflip experience.




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