THE FIVE SCOOP: Trunk Club is for guys who want to look good, but hate to shop.

I’m a guy who doesn’t like to shop. It isn’t that I don’t like to buy things, I just don’t enjoy “shopping” as a pastime. I like to quickly find what I like, buy it, and take it home. Who’s with me on this?

So when I heard about Trunk Club last year, I signed up immediately.

Trunk Club is the first and only technology-powered, personalized high-end shopping service designed specifically for busy guys who want to look good, but don’t have time or knowledge to upgrade their wardrobe. Trunk Club puts men in touch with a stylist who sends them awesome clothes that reflect their style and suit their needs. All the guy has to do is open the trunk and put them on. 

Great Clothes. Personal Stylists. No Shopping.

It’s true. Within minutes of signing up, I received an email from Lindsey at Trunk Club:

Thank you so much for your interest in Trunk Club! My name is Lindsey and I will be your stylist. Let me know when you have a few minutes to touch base so that I can answer any questions you might have about our service and get you started. If corresponding via email is easier that is possible as well. Look forward to working with you!!

Within days, a “trunk” arrived filled with a sampling of clothes. I picked what I liked, and sent pack what I didn’t. It was simple, easy, and I didn’t feel like I was “shopping” at all.

Of course, “trunks” are nothing new to women’s fashion, but the application for men is somewhat innovative. 

Brian Spaly is the CEO of Trunk Club. You may have heard of him as the guy who created the pants company Bonobos—named one of AdAge’s 50 hottest brands.  After running Bonobos for three years as Founder and Creative Director, Brian left to reinvent men’s shopping as CEO of Trunk Club. Since joining Trunk Club in December 2009, Brian has expanded it from three employees to more than 90, raising more than $13 million in venture capital. By the end of 2012, Brian expects that Trunk Club will have 20,000 customers and between $15 million and $20 million in annual revenue.

Brian Spaly, CEO of Trunk Club

“I built Trunk Club around the proposition that guys want to look good, but hate to shop,” says Brian, “I wanted to create a service that would take away their pain and recognized that most guys could really benefit from professional advice and some education on what to buy, when to wear it, how to put a great outfit together, etc.” 

Trunk Club was started by Joanna Van Vleck, a personal stylist who opened up a showroom for her clients in Bend, Oregon. Brian came in and changed the company’s business model from a loose network of commission-based contractor stylists to full-time men’s clothing experts all working out of the same Chicago location—organized to provide an incredible level of personalized customer service.

In fact, customer service is at the heart of Trunk Club. It is part of their DNA. “I would say that (our DNA is in) delighting our customers, having fun, and welcoming characters to our team,” explains Brian, “We hire all different types of folks and we primarily look for people that work hard, make you laugh and bring an original flavor to the table.”

Trunk Club is still growing, and becoming more well-known amongst the throngs of guys in America that just want to look good but hate to shop. You should try a trunk for yourself. 


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