The IdeaMensch Road Trip: Four Guys Traveling to 48 States in Search of Ideas.

The idea seems simple, and a little bit crazy. What would happen if you loaded up a car and went on a road trip across the country—searching across 48 states for people with great ideas—and you found them, and got them together. This is the concept of the IdeaMensch 48 Road Trip.

Mario Schulzke came up with the idea for a road trip based on his experience with his IdeaMensch website, where he has profiled over 800 leaders talking about how they’ve made ideas come to life. Mario discovered that great business ideas can come from anywhere—not just the start-up hubs of Silicon Valley, New York City and Los Angeles.

So, he decided to set out on a road trip and visit the lower 48 States (plus Washington D.C.) asking innovators to show up for an evening of presentations, sharing and networking—to bring together people with great ideas—from Idaho to Kentucky, Iowa to Portland.

Inspired by Mario’s vision, three other guys signed up for this cross-country journey: Kelley Mattingly, Will Seith, and Adam Unger. They move from city to city, traveling together in a Honda Element SUV. Sometimes they’re sleeping on stranger’s couches (they call these folks “hosts”), and they’re eating a lot of fast-food. Before they arrive in each city they contact sponsors, find a place to hold the meet-up, and sell tickets to locals who want to share, and be inspired by great ideas. They seem to be in constant motion, as they traverse the country. 

The Road Trip is in full swing, and we thought we’d check in with each of the road trippers to see how things are going. Mario summed up their success so far:

“One month in, this road trip has already been the most meaningful experience of my life,” says Mario, “Getting to learn from all these entrepreneurs and seeing the excitement that's present in many entrepreneurial communities across America has been phenomenal.”

“But the most meaningful part has definitely been the people who have helped us along the way. The people who spread the word, the people who helped us set-up and take down chairs and the folks who hosted us in their homes. America has many great things going for itself - none more than its people.”


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