The IdeaMensch Roadtrip: Because People With Ideas Live Everywhere.

IdeaMensch is an online community of people who “bring ideas to life.” It is run by Mario Schulzke, who has presented over 800 interviews with people all over the globe who have taken their innovative and disruptive ideas and created change in the world. From business executives to non-profits, Idea Mensch gives a platform to people who bring ideas to life.

And now, they’re taking their show on the road. This summer, Mario and three traveling companions are embarking on a 4-month, 48-state road trip across America to help inspire thousands of people who believe that ideas can make a difference.

They’re organizing live events in “the lower 48” where people will gather to get inspired. Idea Mensch believes that ideas by themselves are rather worthless. They only matter when they’re brought to life. Speakers in each city will share how they’ve created change, and encourage others to do the same.

The first event is in Los Angeles on July 2. And next up is San Francisco on July 5 (where THE FIVE-STIR will be in attendance) and then on to cities across America.

IdeaMensch is offering a discount to THE FIVE-STIR readers. Use the coupon code: thefive and get $5 off the already ridiculously low cost of $15 (early bird) or $20 for a “regular” ticket. 

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