The Instagram – Twitter Wars: Consumers are Caught in the Crossfire.

Last week, word came out that Instagram would stop allowing consumers to post full-sized images on Twitter—instead directing them to to view users filtered views of the world. It seemed like an obvious attempt to drive users to the website, rather than just using the mobile app. The consumer benefit? Not much.

Then Twitter shot back, announcing the debut of its own Instagram-like filters for its app. It was a direct slap in the face—hitting Instagram at the core of what makes it unique—easy to apply filters. Twitter would like you to be able to post filtered views without having to go through Instagram first. So now, Instagram has 20 filters, and Twitter has 9. Once again—what is the consumer benefit of having two apps with filters? Not much.

The Twitstagram war does little for consumer choice, and is really a slap in the face to the reality that consumers today use multiple apps to manage and share images, and content. We are in a FaceTweetStagram world where integration of apps is the consumer preference. Not companies who put up consumer obstacles to integration.

Source: The Atlantic

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