The Blow Me Now Beauty App.

There are apps that can hail you a cab (Uber, Lyft) find you a date or sex (Tinder, Grindr) or order a lunch delivery (Eat 24). In fact, it seems that there’s an app for just about everything—even one that will Blow you. 

Yep, the new beauty app Blow Me allows you to order a blow-out with a few touches of a button, connecting available hair stylists with customers within an hour, who are interested in a professional blowout in the convenience of their hotel room, office, or home or anywhere with a chair and an outlet. Right now the $40 service is only available in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills (of course) but the company plans to expand to other cities soon.

Blow Me was created by Sylvia Vaught, a renowned hairstylist and beauty expert and Elizabeth Cullen, a former television executive now running her own production company and executive producing films.  

They say that the Blow Me app eliminates the stress of keeping set appointments, navigating the nightmare of traffic, and the hassle of parking.  The app is currently available for the iPhone and Android and more platforms will be launching soon. 

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