The Perfect Bag: Le Petit Cartable.

Every City dweller spends time at one point or another scouring the Earth, but mostly the World Wide Web, for the perfect bag; be it a messenger bag, backpack, or in this case a little cartable.

Designed by a lovely couple, Léo et Violette, this 100% calfskin leather bag has you and your gadgets in mind. Sporting a classic and elegant look appropriate for all occasions with a 13 inch compartment for your laptop, a 10 inch slot for your tablet, and spaces for everything from your phone, adapters, hard drives, books, papers, folders, etc.

This bag is clearly has you written all over it. Wear it over your shoulder or on your back. Revel in the glorious 2GB USB stick so graciously included. And more importantly stay organized while looking great.

You can pledge to Léo and Violette’s Kickstarter over here for your very own unisex Petit Cartable.

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