The Stress-cation: How You Can Purge Stress From Your Life.

We’ve all heard of “vacations,” and perhaps the recently popular term “stay-cation” (a stay-at-home vacation). Well, I’ve decided to take a “stress-cation.” 

With the 4th of July/Independence Day holiday approaching, I considered the traditional vacation (so many places to go, so much to see), and the newly minted stay-cation (after all, I live in a beautiful city—a vacation spot the rest of the world), as a way of relaxing, removing stress, and opening my creative mind.

Unfortunately I’ve tried this ‘cation mindset before. I have found that relaxation and creative thinking only come in a stress-free environment, and I’ve found that running away from the stressful things in my life only creates more anxiety—a postponement of the inevitable. Sadly, I have not found a way to leave stress at the TSA checkpoint.

It seems the best way of reducing stress and anxiety for me is to address it straight on. So, instead of running from it, I’m taking a stress-cation to purge as many anxieties as I can from my life.

My stress-cation begins next week with the goal to quell the stress-sensations from my life. Consider it a stress-torsism, or a stress- tervention. My goals?

  1. Address and curb my fears
  2. Turn bad habits into new habits
  3. Come up with positive patterns for the future.
  4. Have some fun

Here are five commitments for next week that I believe will attack and eradicate some of my current anxieties:

  1. Make a list of all the things I’ve been avoiding, delaying, and procrastinating. Then address 1/3 of the list every day. Pay that bill; clean out that closet; call my mother.
  2. Stop acting like Sisyphus. Stop trying to force things that don’t seem to be working. Sometimes a square peg just can’t be forced into a round whole.
  3. Do 3 things that I would never do on a typical workday: go swimming, go for a run with the dog, and see a movie on a Tuesday night—anything that seems fun and out-of-habit.
  4. Plan fun things for when I return from the stress-cation. What are positive, realistic, and fun things that I can do every day?
  5. Only deal with current, and incoming issues. Don’t go searching for new hills to climb.

It all seems like a good plan to prepare myself for the return to real-life, and even for a real vacation—where I’d be stress-free and able to think openly and take in life with full joy.

So what about you? Do you think a stress-cation could purge some stress from your life?

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