Three Limited Edition Timepieces for Ramping up the Style this Summer

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It goes without saying that, as a breed, we humans tend to like things more if we know that there are only a limited number of them i.e. pandas, tigers and that. Well, this philosophy can also be applied to the luxury watch industry as there is some really cracked limited edition timepieces on the market and the fact that there is only a finite amount of said timepieces makes us want them even more.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your style this impending summer period, you won’t go far wrong by bashing a limited edition luxury watch on your wrist (be prepared to remortgage your house, however, as they sure don’t come cheap). Let’s take a look at three of the best limited edition luxury watches that will be vying for your attention (and many of your £/$) this summer:

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Watch – Price £20,000 Approx:


With so many awesome limited edition watches to choose from, you’re going to need to be a little bit special to stand out from the crowd – and that, sir, is why the stunning Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch has made it onto our list. It’s obviously not a cheap choice but it is one with the sort of backstory that makes it a one in a million purchase and perfect for those who have a] plenty of spare cash and b] a love of awesome watches. I have one of those things. This brilliant timepiece from Seiko is one of only 100 ever made and was crafted specifically for Richard Garriott (the 6th private space explorer and the first to conduct a spacewalk). Just some of the features that make this Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch from The Watch Gallery worthy of strapping around your wrist this summer include:

  • Titanium Casing
  • 72 Hour Power Reserve
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Case
  • 100m Water Resistance

An utterly awesome watch that will be the sort of thing that you pass from generation to generation – if you can convince your son to give you £20,000 for it.

Images courtesy of The Watch Gallery.

Bremont Victory Watch – Price £12,000 Approx:

Safe to say, there can be few better ways of lording it over your mates than donning a timepiece which is made from parts of Lord Admiral Nelson’s flagship vessel at the Battle of Trafalgar, HMS Victory, but that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with the, frankly stunning, limited edition Bremont Victory watch pictured above.

Made from actual pieces taken from HMS Victory, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more unique and breathtakingly stylish timepiece for your wrist than the quite remarkable Bremont Victory. As you can see from the images above, the Bremont Victory timepiece is positively steeped in luxury and is, quite possibly, the most awesome watch that you’ll ever own. Some of its most impressive characteristics include:

  • Original parts from HMS Victory
  • 43mm Hardened Stainless Steel Case
  • Domed Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Luxury Black Alligator Leather Strap
  • 46 Hour Power Reserve
  • Incabloc Shock Protection

Images from

You can buy the limited edition Bremont Victory watch – HERE.

Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari – Price £250,000 Approx:

Ferrari are probably the most awesome of all the vehicles so it stands to reason that when they join forces with one of the world’s leading watchmakers, Hublot, the end result was going to be pretty spectacular. The Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari timepiece, which was unveiled at the recent BaselWorld 2013 event, was definitely one of the star attractions of said event and, whilst it looks like something that should be strapped to Marty McFly’s Delorean, there’s no denying that it is one mightily impressive luxury watch. You can see this bad boy in action – HERE.  Take a look at some of this limited edition timepiece most eye-catching features below:

  • 50 Day Power Reserve
  • Black PVD Titanium Case
  • 637 Components
  • Anodised Black Aluminium Inlaid with Superluminova Markings
  • Limited to 499 Pieces

There’s no escaping the fact that you could buy a house for the price of the stunning Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch but you can’t wear a house on your wrist, now can you?

See some more affordable Hublot watches at The Watch Gallery

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