To ward-off another bag riot, Frito-Lay discovered a rubbery adhesive that softens the deafening sound of the SunChips biodegradable bag

This past August, we posted about the louder-than-a-freight-train biodegradable SunChips bags.

In SunChip's quest to be green, they forgot about the customer experience, and reportedly saw an 11% drop in sales over the 52 weeks the bags were in-market.

Wi the sales drop figures, the bag can officially be called a marketing blunder.

In addition to the drop in sales as proof of failure, I point you to the Facebook group called "Sorry But I Can't Hear You Over This SunChips Bag" which gathered more than 44,000 fans.

Frito-Lay pulled the biodegradable bags last October, and is now test marketing a simple rubbery adhesive placed between the bag's layers that reportedly cut the bag crunch sound to 70 decibels, compared to up to 85 decibels for the original biodegradable bags.

Fast Company reports that the new bags are already hitting store shelves with Original SunChips. If all goes well, Frito-Lay will roll out the bags to all SunChips flavors. "And if it doesn't? Frito-Lay should brace itself for another biodegradable bag riot."

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