Top Five Creative Musicians.

Some people, including myself, wish they were more musically inclined, and others, well just about 98% of the population, simply wish they could find an equal ratio of work and passion in their lives. Here we check out some of the top musicians who’ve managed to find both.

1) Bhi Bhiman

Singer, songwriter, guitar player and more than anything, full of character(s). An American original, Bhi invokes the spirits of a plethora of individuals and their trials and tribulations, and then sings and plays his guitar through that presence. Check out his latest music video here. Theatrics required.

2) Pat Kelley

“I can’t remember when I didn’t play the guitar, or call myself a guitarist.” Whether touring, recording, songwriting, producing, performing or teaching, his guitar, his talent, and his passion are always in-tow.

3) Roem Baur

Last June Roem released his first record, The Thief, and is a record of love and loss—“mostly loss,” as Roem puts it. And The Thief wasn’t perhaps the smartest record to release as a first album. “It’s not the most accessible record from a pop music standpoint, and when you’re an independent musician trying to make your way, it’s a lot easier to have that happy-go-lucky single, or something with strong hooks rather than something people listen to in the dark by themselves.”

4) The Family Crest

Liam McCormick and John Seeterlin didn’t start out thinking The Family Crest was going to be a band. They were led to it by a philosophy, and a drive to create music—just for the sake of making music. And while musical evolution moves every band differently, The Family Crest is now recording music with over 275 “extended family” members, but they still hold true to their core musical DNA.

5) Goodnight, Texas

Goodnight Texas just released their first album, A Long Life of Living last October to praise from both critics and bloggers alike. “We were excited to come upon a concept we both felt we both loved, playing acoustic instruments as if we were a rock band, with an Appalachian influence.”

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