Top Five Scoops From 2012: Companies That Encourage You To Be Unique.

1) Interchangeable Modify Watches Are A “Super Dope” Way To Refresh Your Gear

Most companies produce a product, or line of products that, for the most part look pretty uniform. Apple has done so in an iconic way. But what about the consumer who wants to change it up every now and then, the one who colored on their Converse because to them the world is a canvas. Modify Watches allows you to mix and match faces and straps to find out what makes you tick.

2) Ethnotek Messenger Bags And Backpacks Combine Social Good And Consumerism

Continuing the trend of customization is Ethnotek, creating backpacks with a removable front panel of textile, responsibly traded in villages of Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

3) Tablet Hotels Is Putting The Ease, Romance, And Glamour Back In Travel - From Inspiration To Confirmation

Tablet Hotels isn’t looking to find you the cheapest or ritziest hotel, not even give you 25 options of places to stay near your destination. No, they’re goal is to understand your tastes and interests and curate the best possible hotel for you.

4) The Rocky Mountain Shaving Co: Men’s Grooming Tools Handmade With A Vintage Style And Modern Technology

From Denver, CO, Jake McCaig, a paramedic with a passion for his mustache and something a bit finer than your typical Bic razor brings us handcrafted, high quality men’s grooming supplies. “I enjoy all things modern and vintage, and I strive to keep the style of since forgotten gentleman alive.”

5) Using Sunlight To Print Photographs, Lumi Is “Photography You Can Touch”

Nothing says innovation like pioneering a new printing process for your fashion line in your parents basement. Founder Jesse Genet is packaging the Lumi process together so that I can start printing black and white negatives of my cat onto shirts, bags, towels, bed sheets...wait what? But really, customization seems to be the popular kid on the block right now.

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