Top Five Thôts from Laura Zander in 2012

Five Thôt columnist Laura Zander is a book nerd on a perpetual quest to satiate her curiosity and observe the magic of juxtapositions. A veteran of the tech world, she's widely acknowledged as a product, marketing, and operations guru. You can follow her reading life at or @lz 

Today, we bring you our favorite thôts from Laura in 2012.

1) Sidewalk Etiquette

I’m almost certain that it’s living in a city that makes one conscious of sidewalk manners, and for that matter, escalator manners, get to the right family of five. Laura shares her thôts on our our often lacking ability to walk in a straight line, drink coffee, send an email, take a call, and Instagram some lovely architecture, all while being aware of our surroundings, or not rather.

2) Music Virgin: Memories From That Very First Time

Music, a collection of sounds arranged in a melodic form, can generate such strong emotions in us and as consequence, songs and entire albums can remind us of a time, place and feeling so vivid we sometimes wonder how on earth we can remember the lyrics to a song we haven't heard in decades.

3) Why Do People Move To California?

The Golden State. I’m a native myself, but I’ve met many people in my life that have chosen to migrate to the most populated state in the US, and every one of them has come here for a different reason. Laura chronicles some of the best stories here.

4) In Praise Of Laundromats

I use a laundromat. It’s across the street from my apartment, probably isn't much bigger than my parents shed growing up, there’s no free wifi but I’m lucky enough that my wifi router reaches all the way across the street. Point is, my neighborhood laundromat isn’t anything like the beer serving, open mic night laundromats popping up. 

5) Harvesting Grapes: A Day In The Field

Volunteers rally to help harvest grapes as a storm approaches. Laura was one of many to lend a helping hand and she takes us all on a great journey of her day harvesting grapes.

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