Ubuntu: Your Phone as your Computer

What does convergence mean to you? There are tablets, phablets, tablet PC’s, Netbooks, ultrabooks, and TV PCs. All of them fit a niche somewhere between a phone and a desktop, and I pretty much have two of each.

What if you didn’t need something in the middle? What if your phone WAS your PC?

That’s where Ubuntu developers see the next stage in mobile products, and they want YOU to help them make it a reality.

Last week they announced their plans for a premium multi-core convergence device with 4 GB of memory and 128GB of storage space in a phone sized device that docks at your desk to become your desktop PC.

In an unprecedented crowd-funding campaign, Ubuntu maker Canonical is hoping to raise $32 MILLION on Indigogo by August 31st. To meet that goal, they will have to raise over $1 million a week. It’s a daunting goal for sure, but as of Monday night, they had raised over $7 million in the first week, so I’d say they’re on the right track.

I pledged, and I’m hoping they make it all the way to $32 million so they can push the envelope of mobile hardware into the bleeding edge. But even if it doesn’t get funded, It’s a pretty amazing undertaking from a company whose core product is making open source software accessible to consumers.

Guest Author Tim Kerbavaz graduated from UC Davis in 2013 with a degree in Technocultural Studies. He’s the owner of Talon Entertainment, a Davis, CA based Live Sound and event services provider. You can find him online at www.kerbavaz.com, and on Twitter @tkerbavaz.

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