Uncovering Budd Shirts of London

Style is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, but you needn’t worry about who is casting their eye upon you if you are wearing a bespoke shirt from Budd Shirtmakers in Piccadilly Arcade in London. The ultimate purveyors of refinement and sartorially superb clothing, Budd Shirts have become an institution on the London fashion scene. And when you bear witness to the unparalleled quality of their bespoke dress shirts and accessories.

Founded in 1910 and still operating from the same classic store in which their business began, Budd Shirtmakers are the epitome of dapper London style and the UK’s most stylish fellows have been gravitating towards their store for over a century now. If it’s the ultimate in refinement and comfort that you’re seeking from your bespoke dress shirts and accessories, Budd will definitely make their mark in both of these departments.

You will likely be blown away (and a little angry that you didn’t discover Budd earlier) by the comfort of a bespoke offering from one of London’s most celebrated and revered shirt makers. One of the few London tailors that still boasts a cutting room on the shop promises, Budd Shirts are one of the very best in the business and the fine fit, luxury and visual appeal of all their shirts, bow ties and accessories is, quite frankly, beyond compare.

Crafted from exemplary materials and boasting exceptional comfort, it is little wonder that Budd enjoy a reputation that spans the Atlantic. Such is the popularity of Budd Shirts in the USA; the two classically trained tailors who are the lifeblood of Budd are regularly flown to New York City to offer their phenomenal wares to the Big Apple’s most stylish chaps.

You can view the great selection of dress shirts and accessories online at www.buddshirts.co.uk

Guest Author Leo Parker is a luxury lifestyle blogger who spends the majority of his time writing about luxury watches, whilst, simultaneously, lamenting his inability to afford said timepieces. He regularly writes for a number of men's lifestyle and luxury magazines and blogs.

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