Unerdwear: Underwear Dreamed Up By Nerds, For Nerds.

According to research, 93% of nerds reported “visable increase” in muscle mass after 3 months of wearing Unerdwear.

Unerdwear is softwear undergarments for those who lean heavily on their geekdom. They’re boxers…for geeks.

“After the 90 days of thorough testing followed by 90 days of data mining and machine learning, we have developed a theory that Unerdwear can likely solve every single problem a nerd can face,” according to some tongue-in-cheek research conducted by the company, “While the Higgs boson is already discovered and there is not much we can do about it, we have firm reasons to believe that widespread promotion and global application of Unerdwear will eventually lower the level of entropy in the Universe. Upon that realization it was consequently concluded that--to put it in scientific terms--”way before” the humanity faces technological singularity in 2045, Unerdwear will be able to solve all first world problems for non-nerds, too.”

Unerdwear is a stealth start-up dreamed up by a group of “hackers and designers” who’d like to stay anonymous for now. Why stealth? Why anonymous? Perhaps it is just a digital hoax (it is being launched around April Fool’s Day afterall). Or a digital dream without intent to actually produce anything. Perhaps they’re sorting out funding, distribution and manufacturing plans. Who knows. But we know this is a cool idea—real or fictitious.

Be one of the first to sign up and show off your nerdocity—down there.

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