Up Close and Personal Artwork For Your Home.

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Personalization is all the rage. Our Apple products all look the same, our homes typically look the same and our products tend to be, well, not unique. Check out these five companies creating personalized artwork just for your home.

DNA Portraits starting at $199

Hang a large print of your DNA sequence above the bed. Or where ever. Really, these are just amazing pieces of work. Buy one for everyone in the family. Or checkout the company’s Finger Print and Kiss Portraits. Art, that’s personal.

Sperm Portraits starting at $1250

Ok, art that’s reeeally personal. And unique. The Spermatograph is printed on professional canvass and sells for a seemingly ridiculous flat fee of $1250 whether you’re ordering an 8” x 10” page size print or a full 24” x 36”. 

Stellar Decor starting at $199

Choose a time, date and location. Your birth maybe, or your wedding; who knows. And have the position of stars and planets moved into the correct orientation to your requirements and BAM! Artwork...that’s personal. These are pretty sweet and VaporSky also features Resonant Decor and Spectrum Decor for more personalization.

Doggie DNA Jewelry starting at $75

For your daughter/wife/grandmother who’s way too attached to Spot. Even in the afterlife.

Freeze Yourself in Carbonite starting at $50

Or your cat, because my cat is never going to die. I’ve certainly had the conversation with my household about having everyone order their own Carbonite-self and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure that’s gonna happen.

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