Valerie Grison: What I'm Obsessed With

We all have certain things in life that drive us to obsession. We become infatuated, fixated, or even addicted to things, people and places. Our passions and compulsions might be momentary or lifelong. Lately, we’ve been asking some of the world’s leading innovators what’s driving them to obsession. 

Here’s what Valerie Grison is currently obsessed with.Valerie is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company creating exciting, engaging online & mobile experiences for kids age 7-14. You can also find her @VGrison on Twitter. 

I think everybody should be obsessed with something! How is life worth living if you don't care obsessively? I have a lot of obsessions, but I have five that really stand out:

My Daughters. My love for them is always with me, obsessively. What can I do to prepare them for life? What can I do to help them to acquire the skills and ability to fight. Life is a perpetual fight. What can I do to improve their self esteem, what can I do so they are aware of how great they are? And believe me, this is not just because I am their mother, their are truly amazing! What can I do to enable them to acknowledge the good things they are experiencing and help them walk through the path of happiness?

My Company. We are creating a disruptive social network app that can truly improve and empower tweens and teens. This is the reason why I moved from Paris to San Francisco. Doing something that has an impact on kids, that can help them thrive, help them raise their self-esteem. Waking up every morning thinking that, thanks to what my company is doing, young people will feel better and be better prepared for their life.

My Team. I love my team. I am impressed by them. I love to be around them. They surprise and inspire me. They are, each of them, so good at what they do. Without them, my vision would be nothing. I love to watch them working together, interacting, coming up with ideas, challenging me.

Germs. My boyfriend calls me a "germophobe". I wouldn't go that far. But I don't like the idea that germs/bacterias/viruses that were on other people could end up in my mouth or in the mouth of my daughters. So we follow some rules:

- When we arrive home, take off our shoes and wash our hands.

- Always wash our hands before eating

- Always have antibacterial gel. I use it every time I touch something a lot of other people have touched: gas stations, public transportation, or money. I also use it after I touch sick people. The worst thing is people who sneeze or cough in the palm of their hand and then shake your hand! I can see the little germs crawling or flying like tiny snakes.

My Body. I am very obsessed with my weight and body shape. Though in the past 6 months, I have gain 9 pounds which has never happened to me except when I was pregnant. Too much things, too much pressure and as it is very well explained in the book "Willpower, rediscovering the greatest human strength" written by Baumeister, Roy F, john Tierney, I had to use all my willpower for business and personal issues (divorce, kids, new relationship) and had not enough willpower left to fight cravings. Though it is a real obsession and I will need to get back on this as it makes me feel bad.

What are you obsessed about?

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