Velokafi: A Drive-in for Bicycles.

I have spent a lot of time in Zurich. It is what one of the more aesthetically pleasing, efficient and orderly cities in the world. There’s a practicality to life enjoyment that is particularly unique in this German-influenced city in Switzerland. The government works to better the lives of its people. The proper and respected Red Light district is a testament to this lifestyle. 

So it comes as little surprise that the local government has found a way to enhance the lifestyle of the growing number of cyclists in the city, by creating a ‘drive-in’ for bicycles.

Called ‘Velokafi’, the drive-in lets cyclists ride up to and park at a table, and have a meal without getting off their wheels. The Velokafi is parked it outside of the popular Rathaus Café. The Velokafi is part of the city council’s Stadtverkehr 2025 program, which aims to improve transportation infrastructure, for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. 

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