The Volkswagen Hover Car: A Flying Two-Seater

The Volkswagen hover car was recently shown at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. It’s part of the "People's Car Project" in China, which crowd-sources design ideas for Volkswagen's model of the future.

The hovercraft concept, uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network; distance sensors keep the craft from colliding with other vehicles. The disc-shaped pod seats two people and is controlled by a joystick. The car can move both back-and-forth and side-to-side and can even spin on an axis.

“We are no longer just building cars for, but also with customers and at the same time initiating a national dialog which gives us a deep insight into the design preferences, needs and requirements of Chinese customers,” says Volkswagen Director of Marketing Luca de Meo.

The video is definately worth a watch. It is wickedly entertaining.

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