Want to Become a Google Street View Trekker?

This summer, Google Street View is asking hoping you’ll capture places they haven’t seen before. The Google Street View Trekker is a backpack with a 360 degree camera attached. It is designed to bring Google Street View to places where vehicles—even camera bikes, can’t go. They’re hoping to capture panoramic images from all types of terrain and landscapes as part of their goal to photograph the entire earth. 

As it’s hard for Google Street View members to be everywhere, they’ve kicked off a pilot program enabling regular consumers to borrow our Trekker equipment and take it to amazing places around the world that they know and love.

They’re lending out the backpack cameras to organizations such as tourism boards, non-profits, government agencies, universities and research groups that would like to take photos with the Trekker for future inclusion on Google Maps. You must apply to Google to be selected to participate. 


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