Washio Saves You Time, Does Your Dirty Laundry.

New technological advancements often come with the stipulation that these advances will save us time. The wheel would carry us from point A to point B faster, and give us back the time we would have spent walking. Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press would mechanize printing in a way that would save time on writing books. The microwave is a shortcut to a hot meal. 

 All this time gained from technology is time we could, theoretically, spend on people, places, and tasks we would rather spend time on. In this vein, Jordan Metzner’s laundry service, Washio, uses technology as an aid to give us back our precious time.

 “Washio’s greatest virtue is its ability to give people their time back. There are a finite number of hours in the day and an ever-growing list of obligations dueling for those hours,” says CEO and Co-Founder Jordan Metzner. Washo’s approach is uncomplicated. The team of “Ninja’s” at Washio will drive to your house, pick up your laundry or dry cleaning, drop it off to be cleaned, and return it – all in a 24 hour cycle. Washio uses an app on your phone, and they even bring you a little treat when the come to get your laundry. What do Washio’s customers do with this newfound free time?  Jordan speculates, “…I think there are a lot of people out there like me who are time strapped and would rather spend their free hours with their families or working toward a goal.”

 Beyond saving time, Washio saves landfills from old or discarded clothing as well. Through a Washio ninja, you can donate your gently used clothes to charity. Washio also steers clear of harsh chemicals and detergents, and uses re-usable laundry bags, in attempt to scale down their carbon footprint.

What is Washios ultimate goal? Jordan thinks there are “…a lot of opportunities to bring Washio to new cities and further improve our software. In the future, our goal is to become the first national dry cleaning and laundry chain.” For now, If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Washington D.C. you can use Washio’s services. Check out their webstie or download their time saving app.

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