5 Traits of the Modern Man

A decade of so, the word “Metrosexual” entered our vernacular. The term was used and abused, and is now relegated to a somewhat derogatory reference. But as the term was being ostracized, the actions, behaviors and look of the Metrosexual seeped and spread across the nation. The trendsetting M-Sexual has turned into The Modern Man. 

Unlike the recent generations, The Modern Man pays attention to how he dresses, grooms, and behaves in a very different way than a generation ago.  Men share grooming tips, and compliment each other on how they look. Many greet each other with physical salutations unheard of a dozen years ago. Women, for their part, seem to be embracing the more sensitive, groomed, and open and honest men in their lives. As a friend of mine says, “Modern Men have far less for us to fix.”

So what traits distinquish the Modern Man?

1). Grooming

Modern Men are conscious of their grooming regimen. But, before you splash on that Axe Body Spray, and chop your uni-brow with a vertical razor cut, hear me out on these techniques:

A). The Clean (and Regular) Shave. A Modern Man keeps the scruff off his face. No Five O’clock Shadow, or two-day scruff. Beards, stashes and soul patches can be acceptable, but need to be clearly defined on the face.

B). Carefully Manscape. A Modern Man trims lightly. He does not wax his chest (or privates), nor does he leave his hair overgrown. And as for eyebrows, take it from the ladies—the professionals know how to do this best. If you’ve never heard of eyebrow threading, get ye to an esthetician.

C). Smell Fresh. About six years ago I stopped wearing cologne. I was receiving far more compliments on how good I smelled simply by using a fresh smelling shower gel than spraying on. They don’t call perfume a whores’ bath for nothing. 

2). Dressing

A Modern Man pays far more attention to the cut of his clothes than in generation’s past. We finally have figured out that baggy clothes may be comfortable, but will not make us look, or feel sexy. Clothes can make you look good, and feel good. The trick is finding clothing companies that tailor to your body type. And, try clothes one-size smaller than you’re used to. You’ll be surprised at how good you look.

3). Greeting

I remember the first guy who came in for a hug. I had reached out my hand for a good old-fashioned shake, and I got grabbed. I also remember the first guy who gave me a hug and the two-cheek kiss. Really? Modern Men have a wide range of options for greeting members of the opposite, and same sex. Go with what you feel comfortable, but know that a kiss, a hug, or a shake could be coming at you at any moment

4). Posturing

A Modern Man feels no need to puff up. All that “hey dude.” “f*ck this shit,” and racist and sexist comments have gone the way of the Dodo. It is time to release the machismo and embrace your sensitive side.

5). Caring

Speaking of sensitivity, the Modern Man recycles, eats organic, and finds sustainable and local products. We care about the environment, other’s emotions, and wear Livestrong bracelets. We hold doors open for others (not just women) and thank others for their kind actions. We do this, because we are Modern Men.



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