A Gleeful protest: Two "watchdog" organizations find an opportunity to promote themselves by criticizing tonight's episode of Glee

Two conservative organizations are making a stink about an episode of the TV series Glee. Of course, the fact that they're raising a ruckus in advance of the airing of the show (tonight at 8pm on Fox) only goes to create publicity for the show itself (and for the organization's themselves).

The storyline of the show has several of the characters (one male/male couple and one male female/male could) having sex for the first time. Of course there are those who will approve, and those who will disapprove of such behavior.

One organization, the Parents Television Council, has decided to take the position that a storyline that includes high school-aged students having sex should not be allowed on television. They say “The fact that Glee intends to not only broadcast, but celebrate children having sex is reprehensible,”

The other organization, the Culture and Media Institute, says that Glee has “waged a relentless campaign of liberal propaganda and pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable on broadcast TV” and that with tonight’s episode “the show is now stepping up its campaign of homosexual promotion.”

"Propaganda?" "Promotion?" yes. These two "watchdog" groups are doing a good job of promoting, and using propaganda to push their own agenda. Which is fine, especially since it also gives voice to the opposing point of view--and potentially much higher viewership of tonight's episode of Glee.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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