Advertisers run from TLC's "All-American Muslim" following pressure from conservative Christian group

Lowe's, the home improvement company, decided to stop advertising on a reality TV show featuring Muslim Americans. The show, called "All-American Muslim" airs on TLC, which is owned by Discovery Communications. The show follows the day-to-day lives of five Muslim American families in Dearborn, Michigan.

The company says they received pressure from a conservative Christian group that lobbies companies to promote "traditional, biblical values."

Lowe's spokeswoman Karen Cobb said the company had a "long-standing commitment" to diversity and pulled the ads only after the show became "a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from a variety of perspectives." She said that other companies had also removed their ads from the show.

The conservative group claims that more than 60 companies that it emailed, from Amazon to McDonald's, have also pulled adds from TLC's All-American Muslim.

Laurie Goldberg, a spokeswoman for the Discovery Network and TLC Network, declined to comment on whether any companies besides Lowe's had pulled their ads. "We stand behind the show 'All-American Muslim,' and we're happy the show has strong advertising support."

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